Story of the Assateague Ponies

If you don’t understand the difference between the Assateague and Chincoteague wild horses, this film will get you up to speed.  The distinction is the state line.

Unlike the horses in the west, they are not managed by the BLM or Forest Service.

The annual pony swim, seen at 4:25, was cancelled this year.  Would it qualify as harassment?

The remarks from 4:43 to 4:57 might give you the impression that the Assateague horses live their lives as they choose.  But the story goes south at 7:52.

The fertility control program, launched about 30 years ago, is discussed for the next four minutes.  Unusual characteristics of the herd, such as declining size, abnormal sex ratios and high mortality rates of stallions, are not considered.

The video provides a nice demonstration of the stalking and darting of wild horses, which absolutely do not quality as harassment because the PZP zealots said so.

The program was shut off in 2016 but the herd is only now starting to recover.

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