Wild Horse Population Control Plan Still in the News

You can’t have a conversation about wild horses without having a conversation about public-lands ranching, but a story published yesterday by KSL News of Salt Lake City does exactly that.

Why don’t the horses have any natural predators?  Public-lands ranching.

Why can’t the land support more than 27,000 wild horses?  Public-lands ranching.

Why do they leave their HMAs in search of food and water?  Public-lands ranching.

Nature determines resource availability but resource allocations—and the problems arising therefrom—are man made.

When you carve out 80% or more of the forage for privately owned livestock, wild horse numbers must go down.  The programs are not independent, but intertwined.

The PZP zealots want to see the horses wild and free on their home range, they just don’t want them conceived and born on their home range.  Makes perfect sense.

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Confined to Government Boxes

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