PZP Zealot Helps McCullough Peaks Ranchers

She thinks she’s helping wild horses, according to a story posted yesterday by Oil City News of Casper, WY.

McCullough Peaks Darting-1

The management plan for the HMA assigns 5,772 AUMs per year to privately owned livestock (77%), compared to 1,680 AUMs per year for wild horses (23%), according to an environmental assessment from 2012.  Refer to Figure 2.  The AML is 140.

This is how you show your love for wild horses: Reduce their numbers with pesticides so they’ll fit into the tiny boxes the government has created for them, allowing most of their food to be sold to public-lands ranchers.

It’s not management at the minimum feasible level, per the statute, and it’s certainly not management principally for wild horses.

But it’s all the rage in many ‘advocacy’ groups nowadays.

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Thriving Ecological Balance Rev 2

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