Laramie County Commissioners Favor Rule Change?

The decision was postponed until the May 5 meeting.  Three options are on the table for siting CAFOs—in particular, the wild horse feeding operation proposed by Equine Elite:

  • Leave the setback distance at three miles (current rule)
  • Change the setback distance to one mile
  • Use an odor footprint tool to determine the setback distance

Residents near the proposed feedlot said no.  The Planning Commission said no.

But three of the commissioners appear to be leaning toward a rule change that will allow the facility to be constructed near Burns, WY, arguing that the current setback distance deters agricultural businesses from coming into the county.

A spokesman for the residents said earlier in the meeting that the proposed CAFO is not an agricultural business because it produces nothing for human use or consumption.

He also pointed out that the recommended modeling program has not been calibrated for high-density horse feeding operations.

You can view the proceedings starting at 25:55 in this video.

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