Comments Invited on EA for Black Mountain Gather Plan

BLM announced today the opening of a 30-day comment period on an Environmental Assessment for the Black Mountain Wild Burro Gather and Population Control Plan.

The HMA covers approximately one million acres in northwestern Arizona, including the old mining town of Oatman.  The AML is 478, for an aimed-at population density of 0.5 burros per thousand acres.  See Table 1 in the EA.

Black Mountain HMA Map-1

The current population is thought to be around 2,200.

The HMA intersects fourteen grazing allotments, although some of them are not active, according to Table 7.  Figure 15 in Appendix C indicates that roughly half of the HMA is subject to permitted livestock grazing, maybe a bit more.

The forage allowance for burros is half of that for horses.  If horses roamed the HMA, the plan would need to allocate 5,736 AUMs per year (478 × 12).  Given that the land was set aside for burros, the forage allocation would be 2,868 AUMs per year.

Comments can be submitted at the project documents page.  Substantive only, please.

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