Eagle Roundup Day 21

Cumulative totals through 02-05-20, per the BLM roundup page for the Eagle Complex:

  • 1,156 animals gathered
  • 14 deaths (1.2%)
  • 520 studs (45.1%)
  • 632 mares (54.9%)
  • 4 new foals (2019 foals counted as adults)

Helicopters were grounded for several days due to high winds.  One mare was put down today due to colic.  The hirelings probably referred to it as ‘capture shock.’

The proportion of mares continues to be assignably higher than the proportion of studs, based on statistical limits where n = 1,152 and p-bar = .50.  The number of new foals does not correspond to a 20% growth rate, not even close.

The thriving ecological balance is now only 444 wild horses away (1,700 horses to be gathered − 100 to be returned − 1,156).

Eagle HMA Charts-1

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