Solar Farm Coming to Public Lands in Southern Nevada

KTLA News reported yesterday that the final environmental impact statement for the proposed Gemini project has been released for public review.

The facility will produce 690 megawatts (for a few hours on either side of mid day) and will require 7,100 acres.  It will be situated on the south side of I-15, between the Moapa Indian Reservation and the Muddy Mountains, home to a small herd of wild burros.

The BLM news release appeared on Monday.  Project documentation can be found here.

The map does not show any battery storage buildings, which are in the scope, according to the report.

The project means only one thing for Nevada ratepayers: Their electric bills will be going up, all in the name of climate change, a hoax if ever there was one.

A conventional gas-fired combined-cycle power plant, needed for backup (because, you know, night) would require less than 100 acres and would produce power that’s clean, dependable and affordable, 24/7, rain or shine.

If the lights flicker next time you’re in Las Vegas, it might be the burros chewing on the solar panels, for they, unlike the investors, can spot a boondoggle miles away.

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