Wild Horse Crisis in Idaho?

You can’t have a conversation about wild horses without having a conversation about privately owned cattle and sheep, which the government refers to euphemistically as ‘other users’ of public lands (3:27 in this video).

The forage allocated to livestock on public lands in the western U.S. would support at least 750,000 wild horses, enough to empty all of the ‘warehouses’ fifteen times over.

On the Challis HMA, recently gathered, the management plan assigns 80% of the forage to domestic livestock.

At Saylor Creek, soon to be gathered, the ranchers receive 95% of the forage!

The WHB Act, which appears at 3:15, has been amended several times at the behest of the ranchers and no longer affords the protections sought by Velma.

The roundups, corrals, contraceptive darting, sanctuaries, preserves, adoption events and training programs seen in the video reflect that reality.

There is no wild horse crisis on western rangelands, only the deceit and greed of the public-lands ranchers and their allies in government.

It’s one of the best examples of crony capitalism you could ever hope to investigate.

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