Thriving Ecological Balance Coming to North Hills JMA

The roundup, which starts today, will reduce the herd by about 79%, according to figures supplied in the announcement.  The remaining horses will require 804 AUMs per year, to be provided by the HMA and WHT.

Assuming that 60% of the forage comes from the HMA, based on the relative sizes of the two parcels, then the horses will consume 482 AUMs per year while on the HMA (where livestock grazing is allowed), compared to 1,967 AUMs per year for cattle and sheep.

  • 80% of forage to livestock
  • 20% of forage to horses

That this is occurring on land on land set aside for the horses is a sure sign that the WHB Act, signed into law 48 years ago today, no longer functions as Velma intended.

RELATED: North Hills Roundup Starts Next Week.

PSA 12-15-19

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