Comments Invited on Wild Horse Fertility Control Study

The BLM announced today the opening of a 15-day comment period on the preliminary Environmental Assessment for testing of a single-dose vaccine that will cause long-term infertility in wild mares, to help the agency achieve and maintain a thriving ecological balance [on public lands].

The news release did not indicate what’s on the other side of the scales but more than likely it’s privately owned cattle and sheep.

What they’re really looking for, according to page 5 in Section 1.2, is lifetime infertility, code words for sterilization.

Section 4.4.1 says that the WHB Act of 1971 provides for contraception and sterilization of wild horses.  It does not.  The terms are not in the statute.

The reference should be the WHB Act of 1971, as amended [by ranching interests], which no longer affords the protections sought by Velma.

The proposal adds more weight to the argument that the agency entrusted with the care of these animals actually views them as pests—something to be eradicated.

Where Did All the Horses Go-1

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