What’s Up with the Laramie County Planning Commission?

Consent of the governed, it’s so medieval.

You don’t build an 80-acre facility with a capacity of 5,000 animals on the chance that the BLM might want to use it in their wild horse outplacement program.

There must be a Memorandum of Understanding, at minimum, between the BLM and Equine Elite, the LLC that would build it.

Earlier this year, BLM requested bids for long-term care of wild horses and burros in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas (panhandle only), Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Contracts would be awarded for 200 to 5,000 animals, with four-year and nine-year renewal options.

The company pitching the project was established on 03-08-19, according to this profile, four days after the solicitation went public.

That the BLM is awarding contracts to private parties for large-scale corrals, or at least signaling its intent to do so, may mean that a wink and a nod have come out of Washington and that funding of the ruinous Path Forward is imminent.

If the proles won’t go along with the glorious plan, silence them or sweep them aside.

Better yet, make an example out of them.

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