No More Wood Shelters!

The mustangs have been nibbling on the posts that hold up their shelter but two weeks ago they really got serious about it.  This 4 x 6 post was reduced to about two inches in just a few days.  The 2 x 6 board in the background was hastily added as a splint, to keep the roof from caving in, and they’ve been chewing on that was well.


The folks at the feed store suggested a product called Raplast.


It has an orange tint and can be very irritating to the nose and eyes.  Spray application not recommended.  Took a piece of hay string, dipped it in the bottle and dabbed some onto the post.  Seems to be working.


As with anything new around horses, start off small and check for adverse reactions.

You may only have to treat a small area for them to get the message.

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