Assateague Island Cited as PZP Success Story

Refer to the comments from 40:52 to 42:44 in this radio segment on the ‘Path Forward’ by KNPR of Las Vegas.  The program host asks if there is a perfect model for managing wild horse populations.

The guest, a member of the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board and science advisor for Return to Freedom, pointed to Assateague as the gold standard (Maryland side of the island, ponies on the Virginia side are managed by the annual swim).


The size of the herd declined from 78 in November 2018 to 75 in November 2019, there is clear evidence of a problem with its sex ratio and genetic diversity may be inadequate.

And you’re holding that up as an example of success?

The only non-lethal option for on-range management of wild horses and burros in the American west is to end public-lands ranching and restore the WHB Act to its original form.

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