WHBAB Rubber-Stamps ‘Path Forward?’

At the end of the public comments in last week’s meeting of the WHBAB, the Chair admonished the Board about discussing the ill-conceived management plan for wild horses and burros:

“I want to make this perfectly clear that the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board is not part of, has not and do not plan to discuss the Path Forward plan that had been mentioned so many times here.  It was not presented to the board.  It was not presented to BLM.  It was presented to Congress.  And it’s up to Congress to act on it, not this board.  And we will not talk about it.”

Yet the Board’s recommendations to the BLM are nearly identical to those in the plan, according to a story by United Press International.  The number of wild horses and burros on western rangelands must be drastically reduced, with more roundups, more adoptions and something new: Sterilization.

The population target stated in the report—26,715—does not represent the number of wild horses and burros the land can support—it’s not even close—but rather the forage loss the government and its ranching cronies are willing to tolerate.

Whenever you see references in an article to ‘humane management,’ ‘healthy horses’ and ‘healthy rangelands,’ you know you’re being lied to.


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