Seaman Range and White River Herds to Be Downsized

BLM said today that wild horses in and around the Seaman Range and White River Herd Areas—lands no longer designated for them—will be removed, starting next week.

The gathers will be carried out with helicopters and will be open to public observation, according to the news release.

The two former HMAs contain about 475,100 acres in eastern Nevada, south of Ely.

The Golden Gate and Seaman Range HAs were combined in the 1980s and are referred to as the Seaman Range HA in the Final Environmental Assessment for the roundups.

Seaman Range White River HA Map-1

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Ridgecrest, CA.

The two HAs have no AMLs and are not managed for wild horses, supposedly because they don’t have sufficient resources.  But the horses are there.

So are thousands of privately owned cattle and sheep.  Refer to Tables 2 and 3 in the EA.

The 31,000 AUMs per year offered to the public-lands ranchers would support 2,583 wild horses, but they are to be swept aside in favor of the crony capitalists.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

One thought on “Seaman Range and White River Herds to Be Downsized

  1. I’m not sure all of the 31,000 annual permitted livestock AUM are “active”. Ie have any livestock AUM in these allotments been “suspended” indefinitely due to the reported poor range conditions? Anyway, the current White River & Seaman HA horse population (not inc. 2019 foals) correlates to annual 7,000 AUM – with undetermined reproductive viability due to reported poor range health.

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