Latest Assateague Census Shows No Improvement

The Park Service found 22 stallions and 54 mares on the Maryland side of the island in September, according to a story published today by WBOC-TV of Salisbury, MD.

One death was reported since the last census but no births.

Not noted in the report was the abnormal sex ratio of the herd, roughly 29% males and 71% females.  The range of variation attributable to natural causes for a herd this size is 33% to 67%.  Both of the observed values fall outside these limits.

Assateague Census Sep 2019-1

The upper and lower limits were computed with basic statistical formulas, where n = 76 and p-bar = .5.  The chart says ‘Look for an assignable cause.’

Could it be the contraceptives that have been applied to the herd for the last 25 years?

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