Lunacy at Warm Springs

The Warm Springs HMA can support 1,800 wild horses, but only 200 are allowed, because most of the forage has been sold to public-lands ranchers.

Many of the former inhabitants have been languishing in BLM corrals for a year, at a cost of $5 per day per head.  That’s almost $1.5 million per year for 800 horses.

The HMA has enough capacity to empty those corrals twice.

The ranchers pay $26,000 per year to graze livestock on the same territory.

Yep, the government is spending $1.5 million per year to warehouse wild horses so they can collect $26,000 per year from the ranchers, on land set aside for the horses.

Eventually, most of the captives will be moved to long-term holding, at a cost of $2 per head per day.

Even then, the economics stink.  Nobody in the private sector would do that.

The situation reeks of politics, favoritism and special interests, all at the expense of America’s wild horses.

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