Onaqui Mountain Gather Starts on 9/11

BLM said today that 200 excess wild horses will be removed from the Onaqui Mountain HMA and surrounding lands in northwestern Utah, starting September 11.

The roundup will be open to public observation and captured animals will be taken to the WHB Facility in Delta, UT.

The news release suggested that the reason for the gather was overpopulation.

The HMA covers 205,394 acres and has an AML of 210, for an aimed-at population density of one animal per thousand acres, in line with the average density for all HMAs.

Onaqui Mountain HMA Map-1

The final environmental assessment gives few details about domestic livestock grazing.

Page 19 of a document from 2003 says cattle are allowed on the HMA between May and October, with sheep permitted in the Riverbed area between November and April.

The roundup will liberate 2,400 AUMs per year, making greater forage utilization by livestock operators possible.  It will not change permitted AUMs on those allotments.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page (link not working at the time this post went live).

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