Caliente Update

Sixteen wild horses have been captured as of today.  One death was reported.

The gather may remove as many as 100 wild horses from the Caliente Complex, which includes nine Herd Areas in eastern Nevada: Applewhite, Blue Nose Peak, Clover Creek, Clover Mountains, Delamar Mountains, Little Mountain, Meadow Valley Mountains, Miller Flat and Mormon Mountains.  See Map 1 on page 5 of the Final EA.

All of them were HMAs but were zeroed out according to section 4.2.2 in the EA.

The news release from last week said they didn’t have enough forage and water to sustain wild horses.

Yet the horses are there, over 2,000 of them.

The Complex is overlapped by 26 grazing allotments, per Table 3.2 in the EA, which are permitted for 39,920 AUMs per year.  That means they can support 5,617 cow/calf pairs over a weighted-average grazing period of 7.1 months per year.

Or 3,326 wild horses over a twelve month period.

But the goal is to achieve and maintain a thriving ecological balance and multiple-use relationship on these lands (section 1.1), which apparently means no wild horses.

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