Double Devil Corrals Emptied

A report posted yesterday by the Herald and News of Klamath Falls, OR said all of the wild horses that were shipped to the Double Devil Corrals in Alturas, CA have been placed into homes, by sale or adoption.

The Forest Service is moving ahead with plans to remove another 500 horses from the Devil’s Garden Plateau WHT later this year, according to the report.

Estimates before the 2018 gather put the herd size at nearly 4,000 animals.

After forcing approximately 1,000 wild horses off their home range, the herd is now thought to contain about 1,800 horses, including this year’s foal crop!

If the figures from last year were truthful, the herd should be twice that size, assuming a 20% growth rate:

(4,000 – 1,000) × 1.2 = 3,600

This may explain why the 2019 goal is now 500 broomtails, down from 1,000.

RELATED: Forest Service: You Adopt, We Haul Devil’s Garden Horses.

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