Emergency Gather Ordered for Red Rock HMA

BLM said today that approximately 225 wild horses would be removed from the Red Rock HMA west of Las Vegas, starting July 28.  The roundup was prompted by lack of water and rangeland degradation, according to the news release.

Operations will not be open to public observation and captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Ridgecrest, CA (site of the July 4 – 5 earthquakes).

The HMA covers 162,000 acres and has an AML of 27, for an aimed-at population density of 0.2 animals per thousand acres.

Red Rock HMA Map-1

Gather stats and daily reports can be found at this page.

The announcement did not indicate if any advocacy groups had offered to haul water to the horses and if ‘other authorized users’ were present on the HMA.

Roughly half of the 11,000 wild horses and burros gathered from public lands in 2018 were removed on an emergency basis.

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