WHBAB Day 3: Unbridgeable Gulf

The meeting concluded today.  In a nutshell, the task before the Board was to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict by only sanctioning the Israelis.

Public comments were heard after lunch.  Notably absent were representatives of oil, mining and timber companies.

  • There were no hikers or campers complaining about wild stallions coming into their camps to steal mares
  • There were were no roughnecks or pipefitters demanding that wild horse numbers be reduced to AML immediately
  • There were no backhoe operators and truck drivers suggesting that ovaries be ripped out of mares to control herd size
  • There were no riggers and loggers pushing for alternatives to nonlethal methods if population control is not achieved in a reasonable timeframe

But shills for the public-lands ranchers did all of those things.

Where’s the common ground, the two-state solution?

There isn’t any.

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