Triple B Gather Starts Next Week

BLM announced today that approximately 800 wild horses would be removed from the Triple B Complex in eastern Nevada starting on or about 07/08/19.

The roundup will prevent further degradation of public lands, according to the news release, by helping to balance herd size, suggesting there was something on the other side of the scales but did not say what.

The complex consists of the Triple B HMA, Maverick Medicine HMA, Antelope Valley HMA west of Highway 93 and the Cherry Springs WHT, denoted in red on this map.

Triple B Complex Map-2

The event will be open to public observation and captured animals will be taken to the Palomino Valley Off-Range Corrals, about 20 miles north of Sparks.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted here.

The Complex was the subject of a larger roundup in early 2018, with approximately 1,300 wild horses forced off their home range.  The map at this page indicates that it is subject to permitted livestock grazing.

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