Slaughter is Good for Horses?

Horse owners don’t have enough options for disposing of animals that aren’t wanted because they’re sick, old, unmanageable or fail to meet expectations, according to a ‘guest column‘ that appeared yesterday in Beef magazine.

Land managers can’t use it as a means of population control for wild horses.

And it’s a damn shame because it’s in the best interest of the animals to be killed, you see.

Just like abortion.  Saves hundreds of thousands of kids from lives of poverty and crime every year.

Legalizing slaughter would alleviate the pain and suffering of horses driven from their home range so their food can be sold to public-lands ranchers.  You know, families torn apart, pregnant mares dropping colts in feedlots and all that.  So unnecessary.

With today’s technology, the process could become highly efficient, opening the door to mass removals from western rangelands, putting an end once and for all to the ‘wild horse problem.’

Call it the Final Solution.

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