BLM Gives More Land to Wild Horses, Cuts Forage to Ranchers

It’s not true but it’s an indication of what the headlines might look like if a proposed wild horse management plan, announced yesterday, can be defeated in the court of public opinion.  Details of the plan can be found in this policy statement by the ASPCA.

The proposal was endorsed by organizations that represent public-lands ranchers, so you know it’s bad for the horses.  The Public Lands Council, one of its supporters, makes its anti-horse agenda clear:

Public Lands Council Anti Horse Agenda-1

Note how well it aligns with the ASPCA recommendations, almost as if it was copied and pasted into their proposal.

ASPCA Proposal-1

The goal of this cabal, this newly formed alliance between ranching interests and animal protection groups, is to reduce wild horse and burro populations on public lands in the western U.S. by 70%.

Are you going to join them or will you push back?

Range-fed beef is not good for you and it’s not good for the environment if it’s produced at the expense of America’s wild horses and burros.

If the ranchers won’t back down, don’t buy their product.

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