PZP Zealots to March on Carson City

A group of wild horse ‘advocates’ will be at the Nevada state capital today, urging the governor to resume a ‘humane fertility control program’ for the Virginia Range mustangs, according to a report posted this morning by FOX-11 in Reno.

Members of the darting team will be on hand to demonstrate fertility control equipment and techniques.  It’s not about reducing population growth but reducing the number of horses on the Virginia Range.  How many of them are aborting, contracepting, and sterilizing in their own lives?

A darting program sponsored by the American Wild Horse Campaign was terminated by the Nevada Department of Agriculture in October 2017.

The Virginia Range, with a population density exceeding ten horses per thousand acres, contradicts statements made by the BLM and ranchers that western rangelands are overpopulated and subject to damage when wild horse populations surpass AMLs, which are usually set at one horse per thousand acres.

That’s why you have to push back against these people.


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