Pine Nut Gather Called Off

Helicopters were grounded today, due to weather, but they won’t be flying again anytime soon.  The roundup has been suspended according to a note at the top of this page, with 340 wild horses removed from the HMA at a cost of roughly $400 per head.

The BLM can expect to receive about $17 per year from the rancher to whom the excess AUMs are sold.  The cost of caring for the displaced animal, assuming he’s not adopted, is about $730 per year.

That’s like buying a machine that costs $400 and earns $17 per year, while driving up your electric bill $730 per year.  Nobody’s going to do that!

Unless you’re in government.

RELATED: Pine Nut Gather Resumed.

UPDATE: Refer to this BLM news release, posted today.

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