Zinke Orders Reinstatement of Hammond Grazing Permit

It’s tough being a government dependent.

You’re convicted of arson in 2012 (to hide the deer you killed, probably because they were robbing forage from your livestock), and when you tried to renew your grazing permit in 2014, the government said no.

In 2016, you returned to prison (because the original sentence was too light), sparking the Malheur Incident that ended with the death of another public-lands rancher.

In 2018, your hero (and wild horse hater) pulled some strings in the Trump Administration to get your sentence commuted.

Then, in early 2019, your grazing permit is restored, at the direction of outgoing DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke, according to a report that appeared Friday in Tri-State Livestock News.

Your cattle can once again enjoy the hills near South Steens HMA.  The next wild horse roundup can’t come soon enough.

“The people that are losing their permits from the wild horses, I feel terrible about that.  We’ve regained our ground.  I don’t see that they are going to get the horse deal understood before those people are totally out of business.  What in the world is America thinking about?”

There is nothing admirable in the story.  It’s not about rugged individualism and self reliance, it’s about victimhood and dependency.  Long-term access to cheap feed and periodic removal of other animals that get in your way.  Courtesy of the federal government and the American taxpayer.

The occupation of Malheur was in protest to the Obama administration, nothing more.

The ringleaders were public-lands ranchers from Bunkerville, NV.

Meanwhile, a few miles to the north in Elko County, NV, Madeleine Pickens waits patiently for the BLM to fulfill its end of the deal reached ten years ago to graze former wild horses on 600,000 acres of public land, access to which she obtained legally and with their blessing.

Moreover, the individual(s) who shot several wild horses there last August still haven’t been brought to justice.

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