SAFE Act Reintroduced in House

A story that appeared yesterday in the Bradenton Herald said that U.S. Representatives Vern Buchanan and Jan Schakowsky have submitted a bipartisan bill, known as SAFE Act, that would prohibit the export of American horses for slaughter.

A similar bill will be announced in the U.S. Senate, according to the report.

Figures from the USDA indicate that more than 100,000 horses are shipped to Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses each year from the U.S.

What does that tell you about the breeders, the barn witches, the horse racing industry and the Indian tribes?

In 2018, a banner year for the wild horse haters, roughly 12,000 animals were removed from western rangelands by the BLM and USFS, and none of these (supposedly) went to slaughter.

How will the SAFE Act stop the roundups and keep wild horses on the range?  It won’t.

It can’t, because it’s focused on the outcomes…too late, too far downstream in the process to be of any help to the horses.

You can sit up and take notice when Congress acknowledges the problem of public-lands ranching and tries to do something about it.


That will probably happen right after they stop the slaughter of pre-born kids in the U.S.

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