Bill Aims to ‘Protect’ Corolla Wild Horses

Draft legislation, introduced in the U.S. Senate, would require the Fish and Wildlife Service, along with other stakeholders, to create a new plan for ‘managing’ the Corolla wild horses, according to a report posted yesterday in Coastal Review Online.

The move was endorsed by the Humane Society and ASPCA, groups that favor the use of contraceptives on wild horses.

You only have to look at western rangelands to see how this will turn out.

There will be claims of overpopulation, lack of predators and destruction of habitat.

Managers will be forced to achieve a ‘thriving ecological balance’ with ‘other mandated uses’ of the land.  This will come through amendments to the original statute, at the behest of one or more special interests.

Finally, actions will be taken to reduce the number horses, or better yet, replace them with other ‘ventures’ that are more ‘productive.’

Keep the feds out of it.

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