Volunteers Monitor Corolla Wild Horses for ‘Swamp Cancer’


The disease, which took the lives of several wild horses on Chincoteague Island, has not infected any of the horses that inhabit the Currituck Outer Banks, and volunteers who care for them are trying to prevent an outbreak.

Residents of the island will be asked to clean up debris that could cause cuts and scrapes on the horses, according to a report filed today by The Outer Banks Voice.

A person interviewed for a similar article by Coastal Review Online blamed the spread of the disease on climate change.

Folks, this will be hard to understand, but we’re going to have to throw in with the godless, butt fucking, baby murdering liberals to save our wild horses.

Look at the bright side.

With open borders, we’ll have access to ponies that do the jobs our mustangs typically refuse.  Clearly, they are way more virtuous and deserving than American horses.

And by treating the natural-born horses with contraceptives, they can eventually be replaced with these imports.

RELATED: ‘Swamp Cancer’ Claims More Chincoteague Ponies.

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