Illinois Sanctuary Finds Homes for ‘Excess’ Wild Horses

Refer to this story, published today by St. Louis Public Radio, an NPR affiliate (and probable conduit of Marxist propaganda).  Includes audio.

While the efforts of the owners are commendable, they are too late, too far downstream in the process.  They guarantee more horses will be removed from western rangelands, because they focus on symptoms, not on causes.

This is also true for the PZP zealots, who think shooting wild mares in the ass with contraceptives is the answer.  It is not.  It is capitulation to the anti-horse agenda, assent to the wild horse narrative.

Advocacy must be aimed at keeping these animals on the range.

That means pushing back against the public-lands ranchers and those at the BLM and Forest Service who coddle them.  Same for land managers at the state level.

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