Palomino Valley Corrals, Day Ten of Government Shutdown

Monday, December 31, 2018, a cold and windy day in northern Nevada.  It’s day ten of the federal government shutdown.  Nobody to be seen at BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Center, about twenty miles north of Sparks on Highway 445.


The visitor gate was shut.


A temporary sign told the story.


The office was idle.


You’ll have to read the signs to find out what goes on there.  The display is on the south side of the facility, along Ironwood Road.  See this video.


This one tells the story of wild horses and burros on public lands in the western U.S.


There’s also some information on how to gitcha one.


Although nobody was there to identify the horses and show you around, someone has been stopping by to feed them.


These guys looked okay, despite the harsh conditions and lack of shelter.

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