BLM Ends Silver King Roundup

Gather operations concluded on 12/16/18, with 996 ‘excess’ horses removed from the HMA, according to a news release posted today.  No horses were returned to the range and 228 were allowed to remain.

Twenty deaths were reported (2.0%).  Details appear at the bottom of this page.

The 575,000 acre HMA is subject to permitted livestock grazing.

The pre-gather population density was 2.1 horses per thousand acres.

The agency entrusted with the care of the horses claims they’re overpopulated when their density reaches two or three animals per thousand acres, then turns around and allows the public-lands ranchers to place roughly eight cow/calf pairs per thousand acres on grazing allotments in Nevada.  In many cases, it’s the same land.


The post-gather population density of 0.4 animals per thousand acres means the Silver King HMA now looks like a horse-free zone.

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