PZP Darter’s Convention at Board of Agriculture Meeting

Most of the public comments were deferred to the end of the meeting.  All were directed to the ‘humane management’ of the Virginia Range mustangs.  The diversionary feeding project was not mentioned.

One person cited examples of zero population growth on HMAs in Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho, thanks to PZP.  She thinks it’s great.  So do the public-lands ranchers.


Another person mentioned the adverse reaction that can occur at the injection site of a contraceptive, acknowledging that it’s probably uncomfortable for the horses and provides bad optics for the public.  Yet, she is undeterred.

Did you know these ‘advocates’ name the horses?  That justifies everything.

A representative of Blockchains, LLC, largest landowner in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, also spoke in favor of PZP darting of the Virginia Range mares.  Was this based on first-hand knowledge of wild horse herds or was he just reading a script drafted for him by the wild horse ‘advocates’ the company has consulted?

Board members appeared to be unmoved by any of the comments.

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