Assemblyman Introduces Bill to ‘Protect’ Wild Horses in CA

Refer to this report, posted yesterday by the Times of San Diego.  Like most efforts in the wild horse world, it treats the symptoms but does not address the causes of declining wild horse populations on western rangelands, the greatest of which is public-lands ranching.

  • Too far downstream in the process
  • Focused on the outcomes
  • Guarantees more horses will be removed from the range

The director of a national ‘advocacy’ group praised the action, stating that horses should be regarded as “…partners, companions and icons of the American West who must be treated humanely [i.e., darted with PZP], not brutally butchered to supply foreign horsemeat markets.”

She’s fully on board with the overpopulation narrative, a bullshit storyline that draws attention away from the truth.


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