Wyoming HMA Stocking Rates

The chart below shows the stocking rate in animals per thousand acres as a function of land area for HMAs in Wyoming.  Stocking rates (population densities) are based on the upper values of the AMLs.

Three observations from the chart:

  • All stocking rates are less than three animals per thousand acres
  • Stocking rates are related to HMA size
  • Dispersion among stocking rates is greatest at the smaller HMAs

The largest stocking rate was found at Green Mountain HMA, 2.56.  The smallest rate corresponds to Little Colorado HMA, 0.16.

The correlation coefficient for HMA size and stocking rate is -0.53.  This statistic ranges in value from -1 to +1.  The closer the result to -1 or +1, the stronger the relationship between the two variables, in this case HMA size and stocking rate.


Note that the larger stocking rates are found at the smaller HMAs, while the smaller stocking rates occur at the larger HMAs, confirming the negative sign on the correlation coefficient.  A ‘shotgun’ pattern on the chart would have a correlation coefficient near zero, indicating no relationship between the two variables.

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