Wyoming HMA Stats

Most of the Herd Areas and Herd Management Areas are in the southwestern part of the state.  Refer to the map on page 2 of this document.

Acreage and AMLs for HAs are not available, as they are not managed for WHB.

  • Total number of HMAs: 16 (four reported together as a complex)
  • Total land: 4,784,344 acres (mostly public, some private)
  • Total animals: 3,725 (per AMLs)
  • Average population density: 0.78 per thousand acres (1,284 acres per animal)
  • Population density at 3X AML: 2.34 animals per thousand acres
  • HMAs affected by grazing allotments: 16 (see this map)

Wild burros were not reported at any of the Wyoming HMAs.

The largest HMA is Salt Wells Creek, at 1,173,000 acres, and the smallest is Crooks Mountain at 58,000 acres.

Four HMAs have population targets (AMLs) below 150, the minimum number of animals for genetically viable herds.

Population densities vary from 2.56 animals per thousand acres at Green Mountain HMA to 0.33 at Lost Creek HMA.

The average density of 0.78 animals per thousand acres is slightly below the aimed-at density of one animal per thousand acres for all HMAs (across ten western states).

The target density of one horse or burro per thousand acres has little to do with the carrying capacity of the land.  Rather, it represents the forage loss that is considered acceptable by the public-lands ranchers and their allies at the BLM.

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