Forest Service Ends Devil’s Garden Roundup

Helicopters were grounded on 11/08/18, with 932 wild horses shipped from the Devil’s Garden Plateau WHT.  Refer to this USFS news release.  Gather stats were not provided:

  • Number of horses removed from the range
  • Number of horses returned to the range
  • Number of horses injured or killed in the traps
  • Number of horses euthanized and reasons therefor
  • Number of livestock harmed by the operation

Approximately 250 horses will be offered for adoption this weekend, according to a story posted yesterday by the Herald and News of Klamath Falls, OR.  They have probably been hand-picked for the event.

An advocacy group argued that the adoption should be cancelled due to an outbreak of pigeon fever that could spread to domestic horses.

Another 650 horses were taken to the BLM Litchfield Corrals where they will be placed into an adoption program that has been flooded by roughly 12,000 horses and burros already gathered from western rangelands in 2018.

A roundup of similar size is planned for 2019.

RELATED: CBS Covers Roundup at Devil’s Garden WHT.

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