NPS Says Death Valley Burros Have to Go

They’re not a part of the natural ecosystem.  They destroy western rangelands and squeeze out wildlife, just like the horses.

A private organization has been hired to remove them, every one, even though they are dispersed at a rate of approximately one animal per thousand acres (in line with the average density of wild horses on BLM lands).

“Burros, natives of North African deserts, were once among the West’s most precious resources: sure-footed in rugged terrain and capable of carrying heavy loads long distances in extreme temperatures.  But with wild populations that doubled every five years, they were damaging habitat sought after for cattle grazing, mining, development and off-road vehicles.”

Refer to this story, posted today by the Los Angeles Times.  Bait traps have been set up to capture the burros.  If that doesn’t work, helicopters will used to finish the job.

It’s not about saving money.  There are no plans to close departments, sell buildings and lay people off when the roundup is complete.  Who benefits?

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