WHBAB Day 3: Achieve AMLs or Else

This story by The Salt Lake Tribune has a summary of today’s proceedings.  Public comments were taken in the afternoon session.  This was the final day of the meeting.

The enmity toward wild horses and burros was astonishing.

Multiple use was cited as the justification for a variety of activities on lands set aside for WHB, such as energy development, livestock grazing and timber harvesting.  Except when adverse conditions are found, such as soil erosion and missing vegetation.  Then it’s single use—all problems are caused by the horses.

Claims were made that AMLs represent the carrying capacity of the land.  If that was true, there could be no livestock grazing on HMAs.

An argument was advanced that livestock can’t be removed from public lands because it would ruin the lives of the ranchers.  Sadly, manufacturers of buggy whips, vacuum tubes and carburetors, along with their workers, were not available for comment.

Neither were the coal miners displaced by the wind farms of an earlier presentation.

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