Carbon Capitalists Greatest Threat to WHB?

An opinion piece posted today in the left-wing blog Down to Earth states that wild horses and burros in the western U.S. are ‘…under siege by oil, gas, mining and other special interests.’  They are not.  The greatest threat to WHB is public-lands ranching.

The writer mentions livestock grazing in the essay but most of the blame is placed on the oil and gas companies, which she refers to as ‘Carbon Capitalists.’

Thus it is possible she takes this position not because she cares about the horses but because she’s a liberal.

How many frac tanks and drilling rigs do you see at this post?  How many excavators and dump trucks do you see in this post?

How many oil companies have written Zinke demanding that wild horse populations be reduced to AMLs immediately?  How many mining companies have been outspoken cheerleaders for the ovary cutters at the BLM?

Wake up, people.  These companies do not require tens of thousands of acres to go about their business.  Public-lands ranchers do.  That’s why the space available to WHB has been going down, along with the AMLs attached thereto.

Acceptance of this trend as axiomatic, a given, is at the root of the ‘humane management’ paradigm, which can only result in total defeat for the horses (and great satisfaction for their enemies).

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