When is a Wild Horse ‘Excess?’

Answer: When he competes with privately owned livestock for food and water—on lands set aside for him.  The term is often used to justify roundups.

“The BLM plans to gather and remove approximately 300 excess wild horses.”

An article published yesterday by the left-leaning digital news service Circa, offers a lengthy discussion of the issues on western rangelands.  As usual, the debate revolves around the horses for most of the story (overpopulation, mismanagement, excessive costs and what to do about them).

The issue of public-lands ranching is not reached until the end of the report.

“Grazing on public land costs cattle farmers a tiny fraction of what they’d pay on private farms.”

The amount of land available to the horses has been going down.  The number of cattle and sheep has been going up.  What could possibly go wrong?

The ranchers—along with their overlords, cheerleaders and political allies—are not going to let some pesky advocates interfere with this gravy train.

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