Gather In Devil’s Garden WHT Starts Next Month

The USFS will remove approximately 1000 wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Plateau WHT, beginning in early October, according to an undated statement at the Modoc National Forest web site.

The roundup will be conducted by Cattoor Livestock Roundup Inc.  The announcement did not indicate if gather operations would be open to public observation.

Presumably, horses removed from the range will be taken to BLM holding facilities where they will be checked by veterinarians and offered for adoption.

The WHT covers 308,000 acres and has an AML of 402, for an aimed-at population density of 1.3 animals per thousand acres.  It’s located in northeast California.


The announcement did not indicate if livestock were present in the area.  A video was included to document current conditions on the WHT (embedded below).

Livestock do not appear in the video and the term is not mentioned in the narrative.

Therefore, it must be those darn oil companies—or mining companies—demanding that the wild horse population be reduced.  After all, T-post fencing is a sure sign that drilling and digging are going on just out of frame.  Almost certainly there are derricks behind those trees the Forest Service doesn’t want you to see.


The muddy area at 4:07 was caused by the fence not by the horses.  Who put that fence there?  Not exactly what you’d expect to find in a wilderness area.

Apparently, media coverage of livestock on HMAs and WHTs is taboo, especially during roundup season.

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