WHB Coming to Fort Worth

BLM will be offering 35 wild horses and burros for direct purchase at the Will Rogers Memorial Center September 7 & 8, according to a news release issued today.  These are in addition to the trained horses to be auctioned at the Extreme Mustang Makeover event at the same venue.

WHB posters will probably be available somewhere on site both days.

The new cash-and-carry rules are a godsend to horse lovers everywhere, as the waiting list has been long and people have been hanging on the fence for months just for a chance to adopt one or two of them.


Are There Any Wild Horses Left in Utah?

The state has been ‘ground zero’ for wild horse gathers this year, with the Range Creek, Cedar Mountain, Four Mile, Bible Springs, Tilly Creek, Sulphur and Muddy Creek HMAs targeted for removals.  Next on the list is the Onaqui Mountain HMA.

An article posted today in the Odgen-based Standard-Examiner looks at a proposed roundup that would remove 84% of the horses.  Opposing viewpoints are considered.

“BLM does review range health when they renew grazing permits, but it’s true there are hundreds more cattle and thousands more sheep permitted than there are wild horses on the Onaqui.”

At what point do we start calling it collusion?