Utah HMA Stocking Rates

The chart below shows the stocking rate in animals per thousand acres as a function of land area for HMAs in Utah.  Stocking rates are based on the upper values of the AMLs (mostly horses, some burros).

Three observations from the chart:

  • Stocking rates are less than two animals per thousand acres
  • Stocking rates are not a function of HMA size
  • Stocking rates are distributed evenly about the mean of 0.72

The HMA with the largest stocking rate is Range Creek.  The smallest rate corresponds to King Top Mountains HMA.


Utah has been a focal point for wild horse gathers this year, with the Range Creek, Cedar Mountain, Four Mile, Bible Springs, Tilly Creek, Sulphur and Muddy Creek HMAs targeted for removals.

How much of this is being done at the behest of the cattle industry?  Gotta pacify the government serfs and reward the political donors, keep the gravy train rolling.  There are real reasons and stated reasons.  You only hear the stated reasons.

Good example of an unelected bureaucracy catering to a special interest against the wishes of the American people.

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