BLM Seeks Comments on Future Gathers at Spring Creek Basin

On 07/27/18, the BLM asked for public input on an environmental assessment for bait trapping in the Spring Creek Basin HMA.  Refer to this news release for details.  No wild horse removals are planned at this time.  The HMA is in southwest Colorado near the Utah border.

An advocacy group that works with the BLM to manage the herd gives some background on the case at this post.  Like other HMAs, the Spring Creek horses are subject to fertility control.


The HMA covers 21,932 acres and has an AML of 65, for a aimed-at population density of three animals per thousand acres, a bit higher than the national average of one animal per thousand acres (all HMAs).  Note from the map that the herd area (red border) is about twice the size of the herd management area (blue border).  HAs don’t have AMLs and are not managed for WHB due to inadequate resources.

The horses may graze the entire area if they’re not fenced in.  Not a big problem unless livestock have been placed there.  The ranchers will protest and eventually demand a roundup.

Keep in mind the red border marks an area set aside for horses in 1971.

The news release did not indicate if livestock were present on the HMA.

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