Are There Any Wild Burros in Utah?

You might see a few of them on the Muddy Creek and Sinbad HMAs, both of which are managed for horses and burros.  I-70 passes through both areas, in a part of the state known as the San Rafael Swell.


The Muddy Creek HMA covers 208,810 acres and has an AML of 125, for a target population density of 0.6 animals per thousand acres.  Sinbad contains 285,518 acres and has an AML of 125 (horses and burros) for a target density of 0.4 animals per thousand acres.

In the map above, Muddy Creek appears to be at least 50% larger than Sinbad, so the numbers are wrong or the HMA boundaries were drawn incorrectly.  The Sinbad HA includes two parcels, one of which is adjacent to the Muddy Creek HMA.  The map may show the combined area of the Muddy Creek HMA and western portion of the Sinbad HA?

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