Let’s Cut the Crap

Roles of the two major political parties in America, 2018.

  • Democrat: Drive us toward communism
  • Republican: Make sure we don’t turn back

The Democrat Party consists mostly of liberals and the Republican Party has a large and growing number of liberals.  They’re moving further to the left.  Conservatives are a shrinking minority.


Remember, these people did not force their way into office.  They were put there by the voters, some of whom are your friends, family members and co-workers.

The problem is not liberalism, the problem is liberals.

“…contraception in all forms is a grave sin against the 6th Commandment, and is at the very root of almost every problem in the post-Christian, post-modern West today.  In fact, it could be argued and argued well that the West officially became the POST-CHRISTIAN West when it first began to ratify contraception.”

Now we can have a meaningful conversation on the enemies of our wild ones.

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H/T WRSA for the photo, Barnhardt for the quote.

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