Emergency Gather of Pancake Horses to Begin Next Week

Bait-trapping will begin 07/09/18 with a goal of removing about 250 horses.  There is not enough water for the 2160 horses inhabiting the area, according to a BLM news release dated 07/06/18.  Gather operations are not open to public observation.

The Pancake HMA, which covers 850,000 acres, is southeast of Austin, NV.  Captured horses will be taken to the Indian Lakes off-range corrals in Fallon, NV, where they will be offered for adoption and/or taken to off-range pastures.


Livestock grazing has not been allowed on these lands since 2000.  The target population density of the HMA (at the upper end of the AML) is 0.6 animals per thousand acres.  The pre-gather density is 2.5 animals per thousand acres.

The Pancake Complex includes the Sand Springs West HMA, Pancake HMA, Jakes Wash HA and Monte Cristo WHT.  HMA boundaries are shown in blue, HA borders are red.

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